Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Form-fillable Proskomedia PDF files that can be downloaded, filled out, printed and submitted for prayers and commemoration at the Office of Oblation that precedes the Divine Liturgy. You can also send the form as an attachment directly to Fr Gregory.

The Priest takes a particle from the fourth prosphora, and places it below the Holy Bread, to the left.

From the fourth prosphora, and those that the faithful have given, the Priest remembers the living faithful, removing a particle for each and placing (them in a row below) saying with each name:

Remember, O Lord, Your servants (name).

The Priest takes a particle from the fifth prosphora and, placing it below the above row, remembers the departed, saying:

In blessed memory and for the remission of sins of the most holy Patriarchs, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and all monastics; and of all the blessed founders of this holy church.

The Priest remembers the Bishop who ordained him, if he is departed, and then any other departed faithful, removing a particle from the fifth prosphora for each and placing it next to the first, below the row of the living, saying with each name:

Remember, O Lord, Your servant (name).

When he finishes remembering the departed, the Priest says this prayer:

Remember all of our Orthodox fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, who have departed in the hope of resurrection to eternal life in Your communion, O Lord who loves mankind.