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I received a request for sponsorship from a young Ukrainian woman named Daria. She is currently living in Poland and hopes to come to the States with her mother, her fiance Ivan and his mother.


Please take a look at her email to me and consider forwarding it to those you know.


In Christ,


Fr Gregory

Father Gregory,

My name is Daria. Before the Russo-Ukrainian war I lived in Kyiv, then in March 2022 I went to Poland with my mother and two cats. Until recently, we had not been planning to move. My fiance Ivan with his mother (she has a level 2 disability) was living in Kyiv, on the 25th floor. But it was extremely difficult for his mom to live without electricity and go back and forth to the 25th floor on foot, and it is scary to live there when drones and rockets are flying. In addition, their home is 32-store-high, and everything in it depends on electricity. If power is absent, there is no water, and no heating (pumps aren't working). Kyiv's infrastructure is damaged, in some places it is destroyed, and shelling continues, so it will be even worse. Mobile network and Internet is unstable and irregular. It is hard to live and almost impossible to work in such conditions, so Ivan brought his mother to Poland. Our mothers and two cats are staying in Poland and don't want to go any further. We know English well and can find jobs quickly without learning another language. We will be able to make money for ourselves and support our parents. There is plenty of Ukrainians in Europe now and it is difficult to find a job without knowing the local language. This is why we took an important decision to move to the USA for wartime.

Our acquaintances moved to the USA as part of Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) program and already have jobs. Unfortunately, they can’t act as our sponsors, but they are ready to help us when we get there.

We will be highly grateful to the person who could become our U.S.-based supporter and will file a Form I-134, Declaration of Financial Support for us. I was wondering if you sponsor or have congregants or know of someone that would be willing to support Vanya and me to come to the USA. If you are willing to answer me, you can do it in reply to this e-mail, or via WhatsApp or Telegram Ivan and I are open to calls, videocalls and whatever is necessary to prove that we are real and honest people.

We don’t need any financial support, but we could use help with finding a place to live for our initial time in the USA.

I am 30 years old, and Ivan is 32 years old. I attached our photo to the letter. We were going to get married, but the war ruined our plans, as it did to many Ukrainians. We are essentially a young family without kids. We are very responsible and hardworking people. We have been working since our twenties and supporting our parents. I studied computer science and worked as a web design team leader, and Ivan studied economics and had been running his Internet shop for 10+ years.

Thank you for your time,

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