Be the Bee # 169 | Why We Venerate Icons (Sunday of Orthodoxy, Triumph of Orthodoxy)

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“On this day, the first Sunday of Lent, we commemorate the restoration of the holy and venerable icons…” (Synaxarion for the Sunday of Orthodoxy) In this Episode:

00:00​ Sunday of Orthodoxy

1:34​ Connection to Great Lent

2:33​ Prophets & Promise

4:48​ Jacob’s Ladder

8:33​ Seeing the Lord’s Face

9:36​ Promise Fulfilled

12:15​ The Triumph of Orthodoxy

What this Episode is About: After weeks of learning about forgiveness and pride and judgment, we begin Great Lent with a Sunday dedicated to icons. Why? On one level, this is the anniversary of the triumph over Iconoclasm in 843 AD. But there’s more to this triumph than meets the eye. So we’ll take a deep dive into the theology of icons to learn that God made a promise to His saints. That He would unite heaven and earth. That we could look upon the face of the Lord and live. And this promise is fulfilled in us. We hold up icons as proof of this promise, the treasures we display in the Triumph of Orthodoxy. As always, we’ve prepared a FREE downloadable workbook to help you act on what you’ll learn. ***CLICK HERE***

COVID-19 Vaccines, Abortion & the Use of Fetal Cells

Later this afternoon, I will get vaccinated against COVID-19. I won’t know until I get to the county health department whether it will be the first of two or a single injection.

The manufacturers use of cells from aborted children has raised ethical reservation about the vaccine itself. As you may have seen in various media reports, several Catholic bishops have discouraged their faithful from receiving the various vaccines for this reason. This has lead some to question the morality of getting the vaccine even when doing so would likely mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and life of both the recipient and others.

On these points, a group of Catholic Pro-Life scholars have published a statement addressing the moral acceptability of all the different COVID-19 vaccines. The analysis is excellent. While too technical for general distribution, it address with clarity and charity, the manufacturers’ use of cells from an aborted child and the concerns this raises in the hearts of many.

Acknowledging this concern they statement goes on to say write that

While there is a technical causal linkage between each of the current vaccines and prior abortions of human persons, we are all agreed, that connection does not mean that vaccine use contributes to the evil of abortion or shows disrespect for the remains of unborn human beings. Accordingly, Catholics, and indeed, all persons of good will who embrace a culture of life for the whole human family, born and unborn, can use these vaccines without fear of moral culpability.

The authors go on to say that while there is no moral obligation to be vaccinated, those who don’t “must do their utmost to avoid, by other prophylactic means and appropriate behavior, becoming vehicles for the transmission of the infectious agent. In particular, they must avoid any risk to the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and who are the most vulnerable.” You can find the statement here.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory